E3D V6 Hotend Full kit 1,75mm – 12V
E3D V6 Hotend Full kit 1,75mm – 12V E3D V6 Hotend Full kit 1,75mm – 12V E3D V6 Hotend Full kit 1,75mm – 12V E3D V6 Hotend Full kit 1,75mm – 12V

E3D V6 Hotend Full kit 1,75mm – 12V

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The E3D V6 Hot End: Smaller, Easier, High Performance

The E3D V6 is E3D’s market-leading signature Hot End. Assembly guidelines for the v6 can be found here

01. Print the Widest Possible Range of Materials

E3D’s signature all-metal design allows you to reliably print high temperature materials, and they have added extra functionality with soft and flexible filaments. This opens up a huge range of new opportunities for your printer.

02. High Temperature Performance

The V6 can comfortably reach 285°C with the supplied thermistor. By swapping a thermistor for a thermocouple (may require additional electronics) or PT100 you can reach over 400°C. This not only allows you to print extremely high temperature materials like Polycarbonate and Nylons but also eliminates HotEnd meltdown failures associated with PEEK/PTFE designs. The PTFE filament guide inside the V6 HotEnd is never subjected to high temperatures, so there is no risk of damage through overheating. For more information about the maximum temperature recommendation please visit this documentation page

03. Compact

E3D have focussed on cutting as much bulk from the E3D V6 as possible. This means an overall length of just 62mm, and low bulk in X/Y dimensions!

04. Easy to Use

New thermistor cartridge simply slides into place and is secured with a single screw. It has an high temperature glass sleeving to insulate the thermistor legs as well. This makes installing or removing the thermistor a quick and clean process compared to previous methods involving fiddly taping.

05. High Quality Printing

E3D have kept a sharp thermal transition that gives the high quality printing performance users have come to expect from E3D HotEnds. A sharp thermal break gives better control over filament output so you get more immediate start and stops when extruding as well as retracts that are more effective in combating ooze. This means sharper, more accurate prints that have less stringing, oozing or blobbing.

06. Adaptable

The V6 is a fully-integrated part of the E3D Ecosystem. E3D’s range of nozzles and blocks gives you more opportunity to choose how you want to print. Choose from different filament diameters and materials to take your printing to the next level, and upgrade for ultra high-temperature printing!

07. Support

E3D have an active user base on many printer forums, including RepRap Forums, Google+, SeeMeCNC, Solidoodle, Ultimaker and many others. They also maintain their own E3D Forum where many people share and collaborate on clever solutions for mounting on various printers. E3D value the community that use their product and look to support development wherever possible.

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