add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon
add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon

add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon

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add:north Adura X CarbonfiberNylon
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260-280°C on the nozzle and 60-75°C on the build plate. There are two primary factors influenced by the temperature:

  • Layer adhesion. Layer adhesion increases with increased temperature. It is usually good for bed adhesion to also print the first layer a bit warmer than the rest of the model, on the nozzle as well as the print bed.
  • Flow. With increased temperature, the flow increases (the viscosity decreases). This may have to be compensated with a somewhat increased retraction distance and perhaps decreased flow rate. Conversely, low-temp prints needs a bit less retraction and perhaps more flow. Always try to use as little retraction (distance and speed) as possible, so it just prevents the stringing you want to get rid of.

We recommend to print a temptower when first using a new material, to find the sweetspot of your printer.

Build plate adhesion

A correctly calibrated build plate for Adura™X is when the nozzle is tight on the platform so that the plastic is squeezed out a bit in the first layer. Adura™ works on all print surfaces, but requires a thin layer of PVA glue stick or similar for optimal adhesion.


Quality is a complex area where hardware and slicer have big impact. Every new filament needs in general some tuning to achieve its full potential, usually through printing some calibration models and adjusting iteratively. We have gathered our favourites here. To troubleshoot specific issues, we would like to refer you to our material guide – here are some general quality tips though:

  • Fan: None
  • Printspeed and layer height: It is easier to get a higher visual quality with lower speeds and lower layer heights, which increases the resolution. Many times, though, it is desireable to produce ones print as fast as possible. The factor that need primary attention when increasing layer height and print speed is nozzle temperature. When the flow through the nozzle increases, there is less time for the plastic to melt, which then requires a somewhat increased temperature to achieve good results. We recommend 45mm/s and 0.15mm layer height as a starting point.
  • Heated/enclosed print chamber: Adura™X performs even better with a heated/enclosed print chamber, so as to give the layers more time to bond, but it is not a requirement for it to work – great results can easily be achieved with open printers as well.
  • Stringing: Is reduced with increased retraction distance and retraction speed. We recommend about 5mm for bowden and 1mm for direct drive, with a speed of about 20-30mm/s.
  • Nozzle wear: The added carbon fibers may result in nozzle wear due to its abrasiveness. It is recommended to use a hardened nozzle, like the NozzleX, or a ruby nozzle, like the Olsson Ruby, to prevent nozzle wear during printing.
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